FBI Investigating Missouri Legislature

Interesting article in the Kansas City Star this morn about this.

Not sure of all details - BUT - something about maybe some legislators taking $$$ or votes for votes on certain issues. Thats hard to believe.

I gotta call MAR and see what they think of this.

I think that the FBI is about to discover what most of us already learned last year when we found that 6 of the 11 members of the Professional Licensing Committee were employed in real estate.

This year, after breaking up the clique…Parson could not even get a bill written.

On a fair playing field in Missouri, HI licensing is far, far from “inevitable”.

Gosh, I guess we’re really lucky over in Kansas the FBI didn’t see all the emails, letters, meeting flyers, legislative breakfast flyers, etc from realtors to legislators or others talking about getting home inspectors licensed - then - talking about campaign support, votes, etc for legislators that help them reach their goals.

I mentioned this to an Olathe senator in a letter last year. I am glad that it is finally happening. There is so much wheeling, dealing, influence being pushed around in all state capitols, that the consumer is being left out. Laws are brought about only by the ones that benefit them. No one else. James, keep pushing. Media will put out very few news articles about companies that pay them advertising, because that will hurt their revenue. Perhaps, the “paper” needs to be investigated. RE companies pay advertising, and control all of the real estate news articles. Pay to play is everywhere. It is all about money. Stopping it needs to start at the governments, nationally and at the state level. I hope the FBI gets to Kansas also.

Here are links to the two news articles.



Ah, Missouri… whatever will we do with you?
Unfortunately I don’t think they’re alone. I don’t trust my state’s legislature (or governor, for that matter) any more than I do Missouri. One of the problems with democracy is that no one is willing to take on long term challenges, because those in power are only around for a few years, so they just pander to financial supporters and voting constituents’ whims without considering the long term consequences. I have a rental property with a Missouri lease on it, so I do have some interest in what’s going on there, but at this point very little will convince me of politicians’ honesty.
Best of luck there in Missouri, especially with that brutal real estate market of yours,
PS here’s a Missouri Lease if anyone’s still investing there, which I hope they are!