Missouri Inspectors --- The Game is On!!!

The Missouri Association of Realtors will be holding their annual “blitz” on Missouri legislators on Wednesday, January 20, 2009 before starting their meetings.

At these blitzes, realtor after realtor goes from legislator to legislator to explain why they need legislation to control you…for you are interfering with their business.

You know nothing about homes…and you, like everyone else, need only a business card to call yourself a home inspector and none of your training or experience means anything. They want a law like Kansas has, with a Realtor on the board.

This time, there will be a group of Missouri inspectors (and Kansas guys who work in Missouri) who will be gathering in Jefferson City on January 14, 2009.

What we will be doing is visiting legislator after legislator with facts that I will not share in this post (for obvious reasons) but that will dilute the tears and horror stories of lost commissions that the Missouri Association of Realtors will be presenting the following week.

This is our first opportunity to make a signficant impression.

We will gather in the late morning, have a brief strategy meeting as we meet with each other, and then we will walk the halls of congress as a group.

Once we have arranged the meeting place, we will advise as to the exact time and place. Please email me with your commitment to attend as soon as possible at jimbushart@hotmail.com .


I will definitely be there.

Depending upon weather for me. Keep us posted.

The roads to Jeff City will be clear, dry and lined with gold on January 14th. Looking forward to seeing you guys, as well as those sending in their emails.

There are going to be several opportunities to be at the front line fighting the efforts of the Kansas Assoc of Realtors and the Missouri Assoc of Realtors to push their law into Missouri.

January 14th will be important to show a large number of inspectors as will the date that the bill is given a public hearing.

Remember what happened to Kansas last year. We have learned how NOT to fight a licensing bill. Staying home and “hoping for the best” is certainly not an option.


Keep me informed. I’ll be there if I can.

Be sure to wear a dress shirt, suit or sport coat with nice slacks. If Y’all go in looking like a bunch of hourly laborers instead of professionals who have a concern about their business you won’t make much of an impression.

Look professional and act professional.


Bump…the list is growing.

Meeting time will be at 10:00 a.m. at a local Jefferson City restaurant to gather…then off to the State Capital. Several legislators are already expecting us and have offered to “show us around”.

The Kansas Association of Realtors, who are teaming with the Missouri Association of Realtors to write and push this year’s bill, are betting that you will stay home…like the Kansas guys did last year. They will be meeting with the legislators the following week.

Can you spare a day out of your week to save your profession?

Thanks to James Braun, a gathering place has been arranged in Jefferson City for us to meet and greet prior to our visit to the State Capital on 1/14.

The place is Perkins Restaurant and clicking here will take you to a page where you can get directions. The address is 1722 Jefferson St., Jefferson City, MO.

We will meet at 10:00 a.m. to allow everyone from every part of the state (with an early enough to start) to arrive. As soon as the group is ready, we will carpool to the Capital Building and meet with individual representatives. Let your area rep know you are coming and get us on his calendar to assure access to him at that time.

The attendance list is growing. We would like to have between ten and fifteen home inspectors at this meeting, if possible.

Call me 314-803-2167 or email me jimbushart@hotmail.com if you have questions and/or if you intend to be there.

We need to move our gathering time up to 9:30 a.m. The House session will start at 10:00 and will only last about 30 minutes, so we need to be at the Capital at 10:30.

We do have some developments.

Thanks to the 12 who have committed to attend and those who say they will attempt to be present. We have a reporter for a large Missouri city paper who covers the House who will be there to meet with us to prepare his story. It would be great to have him quoting a dozen or more inspectors instead of the usual two or three.

Call your State Rep, today, and let him know we will want to see him on Thursday a.m.

See you all at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, 1/14/10.

Looking forward in seeing everybody!

If anybody is planning on eating a full meal at Perkins, I will be at Perkins at 9:00 a.m. Thursday. I got our tables reserved under TAMHI. We will leave Perkins at 10:00.
If you have not contacted your representative http://www.house.mo.gov/member.aspx please do so. Just drop an email and ask for a few minutes of their time Thursday. Please feel free to contact me jbraun@mo.nachi.org if you have any questions.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for business) I have had to book inspections on Thursday and will not be there. Keep up the fight, I’m with you in spirit.

Well, guys…I won’t sugar coat it for you.

We could very well be about a month or two away from having a bill pass the House and it is being co-written by a Rep from Kansas City…so you know what you can expect.

I know how important Thursday’s inspections might seem, today…and they will be equally important in a few weeks when we need to return to voice our concerns at the quickly called public hearing, as well. Just re-read some of the Kansas threads and remind yourselves what NOT getting involved cost those guys.

Next week, the MAR will be here celebrating with Rep Parson and those supporting his new bill, promising their support and filling the ears of every House Rep with the horror stories of “killed deals” and the incompetent inspectors who murdered them.

If you absolutely cannot make it in person, please support TAMHI with your annual dues. We have about five months of vigorous fighting ahead and we need everyone to be involved, in one way or another.

Looking forward to seeing most of you, tomorrow.

Bushart is not exaggerating one bit.
The committee members who are going to hear this bill to decide if it will go to the house floor are starting to take sides with A$HI and the Realtors. A lot of them have campaigns to run this year and guess what lobbing group has agreed to supply them with their money.
We got to talk to all of the members of the House before this snowballs just like it did in Kansas. We need to appeal to their morals for they will do the right thing and not except the money when MAR hands it to them. After the monster is given life, it is going to take more than torches and pitch forks to kill it. Sad but true.

So just how many legislatures gave your group and audience? And how many agree we need to be licensed.