Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Electrical Panel - first find

First time I have found a Federal Pacific Panel. I recommended replacement and marked it as a “Safety” issue. Does anyone else note it as a safety issue?


I do call them out for several reasons: Age, history, ability to get insurance, etc.
Other than just being an FPE panel, it definitely has issues!


I call them out as potential fire hazards.

There was a class action suit concerning these panels in one state only, New Jersey.

Fortunately in my market most REAs know of the problems with these panels and ask their clients to replace them and let them know it will be an issue during the inspection if left in place.


I think they admitted in court they deceived UL to obtain the UL label.


Yes, I call them out.

And then I link to this article for more information.

One issue I run into is the city doesn’t care and will still issue a permit for electrical work with a stab lok panel, leaving sellers, buyers, and agents perplexed why I’m calling it out.


I definitely call them out. In my area, like most, it’s standard to get it replaced. The homeowner’s insurance companies getting on board and some denying coverage have helped out as they are really the only ones that can force action. Or, at least force action if you want insurance.


Multiple issues with FPE stablocks. Always call them out.

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I don’t go past documenting it’s FPE. No internal pics.

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Call it out. Here’s some language I like to use:

The service panel was made by Federal Pacific and was the Stab-lok model. Federal Pacific Stab-lok model service panels are reputed to have a high rate of circuit breaker failure, which can result in a fire or shock/electrocution. The Inspector recommends that before the expiration of your Inspection Objection Deadline, you consult with a qualified electrical contractor concerning the necessity for replacing this service panel. Information about defective Federal Pacific Stab-lok panels is widely available on the internet.


I have observed a Federal Pacific Electric “Stab-Lok” service panel in the house.
This panel is a latent fire hazard: it’s circuit breakers may fail to trip in response to an over current or a short circuit. Failure of a circuit breaker to trip can result in a fire, property damage, or personal injury.
A circuit breaker that may not trip does not afford the protection that is intended and required.
Simply replacing the circuit breakers is not a reliable repair.
The panel should be replaced, and significant expense may be involved.

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Yes, I do document it as a safety issue.

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