Federal Mold Remediation Specifications

July 2011
The US government now has “mold remediation specifications” that require the use of mold assessors that hold at least one of certain certifications for federal mold assessment / inspections.

American Board of Industrial Hygienist, (CIH)
ACAC Certifications such as**:**
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist, (CIE)
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, (CIEC)
Council-Certified Mold Consultant, (CMC)

· Florida law requires mold assessors pass the CIE or CIEC or CMC exam to be licensed. http://acac.org/certify/FL.aspx

· Most Florida mold assessors were “grandfathered” into their mold license and are not a CIH or CIE or CIEC or CMC or other ACAC certifications.

Wrong…read the spec’s again. You left out several certifications like CMR

[FONT=Courier-Bold][size=2][FONT=Courier-Bold][size=3]Good morning,
I left out the ones that really don’t matter for assessment, (my opinion). Since we often work for government clients, some things are just fact and not on paper. I posted the link so nothing was left out.
Why would someone hire a remediator for assessment, I admit it would be better than most home inspectors. As for the CMRI, that’s just another beginner cert and what Gov agent (EPA, Soc Sec, Housing Authorities, DNR, etc) would hire them.
The spec’s eliminate alot of the pretend inspectors is the point and goal as I see it.

You read the spec, my goal achieved
Just received a HI, Pro Lab report from a former client on my email, they REALLY regret not spending the money to begin with and hiring us. I wish people would just be patient, we can only do so many jobs a week.
**Time to hit the road, beautiful day in Florida. **