Mold Accessor Test

I’m looking for comments regarding the proctor FL test. Any recommendations regarding to which company to go through, testing pointers and experience, recommended training. I’ve taken all the mold and related NACHI training and been providing mold inspection and testing for a couple year.

Testing is only a portion of it. Do you know mold remediation protocols? That is something we write here in Florida…

If you call or email DBPR, they should give you a detailed list of items they are looking for on the test. I think ACAC is a better school to go through.

Russell, thank you.

John, may I suggest for the test you start by learning how to spell the subject?

Curious, why does a guy in MI care about a test here in FL? Must be something about the winter…

Pete, spelling whoops. Regarding my motives; my wife an me are empty nesters and thinking about moving closer to family and looking at many different options.

If you are a licensed mold assessor I would like your comments regarding the state required testing. How did you prepare? What company did you go through? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

The test for the grandfather’ed license was easy. There are not many that can qualify for it now

(b)1. For a mold assessor, at least a 2-year associate of arts degree, or the equivalent, with at least 30 semester hours in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, or a related field of science from an accredited institution and a minimum of 1 year of documented field experience in conducting microbial sampling or investigations; or
2. A high school diploma or the equivalent with a minimum of 4 years of documented field experience in conducting microbial sampling or investigations.

John, no problem here, I’m a Mechanical Engineer. The license seems over regulated. I’m trying to understand why the Assessor is responsible for a remediation plan. Seems like the license Remediator should be.