Federal Pacific Question

I did an inspection yesterday for one of the top agents in my area (he is the client) and the property he has under contract has a Stab-Lok FPE Panel I wrote my typical commentary about FPE panels and breakers.

My client e mailed this morning and asked if I was aware of any problems getting insurance on properties with FPE panels since the risks and possible hazards associated are fairly known(internet , home inspectors,etc.

Anybody know of any concern from the insurance world with regard to FPE?

Most insurance companies are unaware of the problems associated with these panels. I have never heard of coverage being denied based on the brand of service equipment. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened.

Thanks Jeff, there are a bunch here I did a house the other day with an FPE Main panel and a Zinsco Sub panel.

I see several FPE and Zinsco panels every week. . .

Ive read and learned from your posts, I see quite a few also.