Federal Pacific System and Homeowner Wiring

I am curious about something. I did an inspection on a home earlier today and found a Federal Pacific system in the home. I found a double tap and a couple of doubled up neutrals at the buss. What troubled me is what I saw in the garage and the attic. Quite a few splices not in a junction box and wiring draped in every direction. Is this combination of homeowner intervention and a Federal Pacific system Summary material? The outlets tested fine but what concerns me is the panel issue in combination with the wiring observations. It all is in the Electrical section of my report but should I place the concerns in the Summary? I want to find out what most of you guys do on your Summary regarding observations like this.l

Improperly run electrical wiring not safe in garage.JPG

Improper wiring to shed noted.JPG

Improper wiring and open junctiona for attic fan in attic.JPG

Open junction and improper wiring noted at attic access light.JPG

In summary Recommend immediate complete check and upgrade as necessary by qualified electrician.
In the electrical section , Many inproper wiring methods throughout need immediate repair

… Cookie

I agree with Cookie, any of those conditions even separately warrant evaluation by a licensed electrician.