Panel Questions

I need help to describe some of the defects below in the pictures.

I have recommended evaluation by a licensed electrician.

I noted the double taps. I observed a disconnected wire in one of the subs.

One question I have at the main box is they have 4 wires connected at the top lug. What is then proper way to wire this. Is only the one main nuetral allowed?

Also the main breaker is at the left and the wires at the top feed a sub. Wont these still be energized when the main disconnect is off? These feed the smaller sub which is double tapped.

Why are they using blue wires?

Also does federal electric have the same hazards as federal pacific?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

The blue wire looks to be stranded, color doesnt matter.

additional nuetral lugs need to be added. Sometimes they can be spliced, but this is probably not the case.

No the electric passes though the main breaker to the lugs at the top of the panel. There does need to be ovecurrent protection for those wires though .

Confirm the Blue wires are entering into approved conduit.

Image # 1- Violation Art 110.14(A) - Technical

Actual Verbage - Wire Connection Terminals are listed to accept no more than one wire per termination, unless marked otherwise. Terminals that allow more than one conductor will be listed for and identified within the enclosure.

Image # 2 - I really can’t tell…is their (2) wires feeding that breaker?

Image # 4 - Has the same issued as # 1…

The largest concern in image # 4 to me is the fact the double taped conductors are not protected by the OCPD for their size and rating…NOT GOOD…If I were you I would not TRY to define this…WAY to difficult to explain to a home owner or buyer…DEFER it and explain in your report the electrician will be able to explain these hazzards more clearly…

Remove yourself from the liablity…this is NOT right and I could nit pick everything…The bonding is all wrong…the reducing washer for the nipple is not allowed to facilitate the bond…and so on…just DEFER !

Thanks Paul & Ben

What about the Federal electric Vs the Federal Pacific?


I have learned from this post not to try to identify all defects just know when to call out a Licensed pro.

Thanks Again.

Well usually the Federal Electric’s I see are fuse panels and they are probably fine…I don’t recall seeing one in the field by Federal Electric that has circuit breakers…NO wait…yes I have…what I mostly see from Federal Electric is fuse panels and disconnects…

Update…I checked and yes Same company…Probably just used different names like many companies do…but again not all FPE products were bad…Stab-loks had their OWN issues…but it was a big enough issue to bring the company down…thats for sure…

But in regards to Federal Pacific…it was more so a suit against certain products made by FPE and most defined as the stab-lok models…not all of the products FPE made were considered bad…Some of the fuse panels they made were quite nice for the time…

Here is a pic of the inside of the Federal Electric subpanel. A few Double taps.

The 4th pic had a switch with cut live wires at the top.

Also the shower was one of the worst I have seen. The walls where all water damaged. I liked the switch in the stall. Isnt the code 3 feet? This passed the city point of sale. The light was inside the shower also. And there was no window or fan.

Must be nice to be a city inspector.



Are you refering to the 3’ as in switches being 3’ from a shower or tub area…?

If that is the question…no code exists on that…just that IF the switch is near the area it has to be grounded and screws have to be plastic and all that jazz…

The code just says receptacles or switches cant be WITHIN the tub or shower plain…for lack of a better term

Ironically unlike receptacles which is about the same…a switch can actually be in a tub or shower space IF installed as part of a listed tub and/or shower assembly…

Lets say a manufacturer makes a shower with a waterproof built in switching system…lol…could happen I guess then it would be allowed…

P.S…just as a learning moment…a switch to control a hydro-tub is not consided as part of that listed tub assembly…lol…It can’t be within the plain space of the tub itself…just wanted to add that…:slight_smile:

And YES…thats switch is clearly not allowed…lol…

Ahh…also on that panel images…make sure you noted the incorrectly labeled panel and any breakers that are shut off…as if their are breakers in a panel shut down…it HAS to be a reason…don;t want YOU finding out when you try to turn them on…lol…

If off…leave off and note that they are off…best rule and I believe is part of the SOP…

Federal Electric Products Co. was the original name for the Newark, NJ based company which became Federal Pacific Electric Co. … all the same stuff and problems. It was later bought by Reliance Electric who discontinued the panels/breakers.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink: