Fee opinions

A person from out of the country has his home leased and leasees are responsible for maintainance. He would like recurring inspections to confirn the home is being maintained inside and out. I was curious if any of you have done this type of inspection (Basically a rental deposit inspection) and what you charge for them. I charge 375.00 fro a 3/2 with no detached insp.:wink:

normally the management company would be doing the maintenance inspections but this being said being a landlord myself I have it setup as a seasonal inspection, summer , fall, winter, spring and items within the house need to be adjusted and serviced. I include a scheduale of items that need maintenance each season and that i wll be around to do them on my own accord, items which require inside work the leasee will be give the mandated 24 hrs notice and not to worry I have a key so they are not required to be present.
as an agent of the landlord that is extended to you as well, to enter without reprisal and do the schedualed work with which ever professionals you hire to complete the tasks.
hope this helps
Oh I would see it as a fitting payment of 200 per check in and what ever hours to do work at approiate labour rate ( 25.00 per hour) for cleanup gutters, raking, and such.
if he wanted you to do the grounds and everything 150.00 per month plus costs( furnace tune up)

Thanks for the input, that was the # I had in my head. I won’t be doing any maintainance though. P.S. Got the job with that price. Thanks, Karl.