Feeder wires with branch wiring in same conduit

Main feeder wires to this sub/distribution panel supplied from service equipment occupying same conduit as some branch wiring. From what I understand, this is acceptable, correct? Or am I not understanding it correctly? TIA.

Correct, if they’re feeder conductors then they can occupy the same raceway as branch circuit conductors. If they’re service entrance conductors then they cannot. The problem is once you put that NM cable in the same raceway you might need to derate all of the conductors in that raceway which could reduce the ampacity of the feeder to a level below the OCPD protecting it creating a violation.

Also if those are individual conductors with the reversed NM connectors (bottom left) they are a big problem.

Ok, thx again.

Why or can you elaborate? TIA.

Feeder or branch circuit conductors are required to be run in a raceway or cable. It appears like those are individual conductors run directly into the wall. The metal enclosure will cause inductive heating between the conductors. If someone installed something that poorly one can only wonder what else is done incorrectly.

Yes there were numerous issues. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Just to be clear the picture is dark and Robert is referring to that tiny hole between the bottom 50 and 100 amp breakers which has bare wires with electrical tape wrapped around them going through a unprotected knockout at the wall the box is mounted to.

I’m referring to the two black conductors in individual KO’s with the reversed NM squeeze connectors at the bottom left that terminate directly to the 100 amp CB.

I don’t see what you’re referring to so I’m not sure what you’re seeing.

That hole is the keyhole mounting hole. I do not see any conductors in the slot.

If we had easy pasting would show it .