Feeders for sub panel

Hey all, new to Nachi, not to inspections.
Question, can distribution wiring run into a sub panel through the wall of the home with no chase or protective sleeve or conduit?
I have an electrician stating that’s fine to do this.
My response immediately is " if you had an electrician deem this condition acceptable then as the specialist it’s his baby now. But I want to learn to write or not write it up in the future.
Thanks all

Did he put his statement inn writing verbal reports are just as valuable as the paper they are not written on .

I would report electrician says wire are OK .
Sorry but unprotected wires are not allowed .

Is it a feeder assembly, or individual conductors? Were they supplied from a breaker or a direct tap? Any pictures? You haven’t really provided enough information to receive an accurate answer.

If the electrician “says” it’s allowed, have him put it on his company letterhead.

Kinda a cryptic question. If you are simply referring to a feeder cable passing from one portion of the dwelling to another then it is perfectly fine. The feeder is protected by an OCPD ( Overcurrent Protection Device). As Mr.Pope also stated , if they are individual conductors then they need to be in a raceway.

Also…if it is simply a feeder cable moving from one portion of the single dwelling to another…do not make an Electrician provide a letter…thats silly and will only serve to make you look uninformed…but if not a simple feeder then thats a different ball of wax all together.

I must be missing something. Distribution wiring runs through walls in every house. What’s the difference whether it’s going to a light switch or a sub-panel?

The original poster hasn’t returned to clarify his question, but you are correct - generally, feeders as part of a cable assembly (NM, UF, SE, etc.), a rigid or semi-rigid conduit (AC, MC, EMT, etc.), can be run through the structure without much concern.

If these conductors are individual conductors, then it would not be acceptable.

No picture! No comment! He could be talking about anything at this point.

Indeed…may be a feeder to support Alien Life…in another far off land. Or it could be…oh hell…I am not going to let my mind wander anymore…:wink:

The alien comment wins, guys thank you for your input, really sorry for the delay and will provide images going forward. The electrician put his approval in writing, I know I’m going to get grilled on this, but it was romex distribution wiring, not a feeder as I originally posted.

What is “ROMEX” distribution wiring. Do you mean it was a branch circuit using non-metallic sheathed cable and the brand was Romex since that is a trademark of SouthWire Corporation?

Just messin with ya…yes, branch circuits can run all throughout the structure without any issues. However, remember when you run it through a top plate you have to maintain the integrity of that fire blocking component if applicable…Have Fun!

Now…had you said he ran the NM Cable though the floor then well…we would have commented differently…:wink: