Feedrer to detached garage

I am looking for a little help with this. The wires attached to the feeder wires to the detached garage appear to be about 12 gauge. I would think that these would be too small to handle the load. Only two wires, neutral and hot, no ground wire. Neutrals and grounds not separated and no grounding at the garage. What about the wires size? I was thinking writing something like this.
The feeder wires to the detached garage appeared to be undersized. This can result in the wires being overloaded. The neutral and ground wires were not separated in the remote panel. And no grounding was observed at the remote panel. These are potential safety hazards. Recommend a qualified electrical contractor make the necessary repairs.

Also the service panel did not have any breaker labeled for the garage sub. I do not know size of the breaker feeding the garage.

I agree, the entire installation needs to be checked and redone, especially the stuff in photo#1.

Looks like old K&T set-up with an improper update done.

Thanks for the replys. I did not see any K&T but I had no access into the attic.