How would you report this Detachted garage electrical

Okay, I have to admit I’m fairly new at this, but what is the proper way to attach electricty to a detached garage, this definately doesn’t seem right, with all the wires hanging loosely, connected with electrical tape, and exposed to the elements? Should I just call it out as in need of being corrected by a licensed electrical contractor?

Appears to be amateur in nature so I would suggest evaluation.

Sloppy and I see no ground How is the Overhead fed from the other end and what protection is there on the system . I agree it seems to me to need further evaluation bt a qualified Person

I don’t think it needs any “evaluation,” just a prudent recommendation.

First off, I would recommend it be run underground in conduit. Short of that, it’s likely to be a compliant installation, assuming the overhead clearances are appropriate. Not much different than a service drop from the utility company.

This is common on homes built in the 50’s and earlier.

Does the garage have a separate service/meter from the home?

What is the age of the home? As Jeff led on, it is common in pre-50’s homes, typically (in my area which is usually the same as yours), associated with K&T. From what I see, I would guess that the home and feeds were updated, and they simply tied the new feeds into the old at the garage. Depending on the condition of other components of the electrical system, I may or may not call for a Sparky. Around here, from just what I see in the pic, nothing would be done if I did.

I may or may not call for a Sparky.:shock:
I must be fun running around doing inspection in your town.:smiley:

Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Each day I learn and see something new…and its because of people like you that are willing to share their opinions that I am a better inspector today than I was yesterday. I have to say there is not a day that goes by that I don’t tell myself how much home inspecting rocks!