Felt is optional

Well it is, isn’t it??:smiley:

Hey at least is has a drip edge, and they used nails. :shock:

Always the optimist Chris, I like that about you. :smiley:

That’s cool Brian, I feel the same. :mrgreen:

Side note: I didn’t say the roof was installed correctly, or anything about the 7/8" nail.

Yea, but Brian pulled the nail out holding the drip edge down when he pulled the shingles up.:mrgreen:


Guilty as charged sir. :smiley:

“Hey at least is has a drip edge, and they used nails”.

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As long as you don’t use a starter course, you don’t need the paper either.

Saves time and time is money, so the roofer was actually going above and beyond on behalf of his client.

He just needs to remember to change his business name annually

P.S. Is it just me or did he also save his client money by using extra short nails too. Interesting location for a nail to boot.

Troublemaker!!! No wonder you don’t get realtor referrals.

So what.

It doesn’t rain where Brian is more than 2 days a year anyway. :wink:

Really…all they need is felt paper… and maybe a sponge at the bottom! :wink:

Not even that…just some Scotchguard and gutters.

Doug is it possible you could word your suggestion in a Home Inspection Narrative format???:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Installation narrative: “thought is optional” :mrgreen:

That shingle is the starter course one.

Look at the tar adhesive on the one just to the right of it.


Actually today when questioning a Tarion representative… I was advised that felt isn’t required when the roof is over an unheated space… Thoughts on this or evidence to the contrary? In this case it was over a finished garage and in fact true to what the Tarion rep said… felt was on the same part of roof when the roof became over “heated space”

When I was building in Va. during the 80’s it was not required for higher pitch roofs
at least in the Hampton Roads area and to tell you the truth, there are so many holes in the felt its really not going to make that much difference other than in valleys if install correctly HOWEVER, one of the best reasons for the application is to restrict vapor movement from the roof deck and or underside of the attic to the shingles themselves, which is one of the reasons that shingles blister (that and roofers put shingles down upon a wet deck or during the rain)…moisture getting trapped from underneath and working its way out. Hope that makes sense…


Not installing underlayment paper felt under shingled roofs is crazy.
Most Manufacturers that I have found strongly recommend the felt paper to be installed.
In the colder regions of the US, most will require ice & watersheild up to two feet past the exterior walls.
There are still people out there I guess that feel it is not required.

Felt is the second line of defense should something irregular should happen to the main covering.

Although some don’t believe it is needed like this picture;

Here is a link from CertainTeed shingle products on the installation of different types.

Felt paper is shown on everyone of them and especially on the first page.


Hope this helps some.

Marcel :):smiley:

It helps to bond the shingles also which can be the difference in coverage survival or loss as in the picture above.