Fence and gate?

I was hired today for a final phase inspection on Thursday and the buyer asked me a question which was a first for me.
Question: Is a gate required when the back yard is fenced in? (He actually asked if there was a code for it) If yes, what would the requirements be for the gate.
The reason he was asking is because the builder installed a gate, but those brainiacs placed it rigth in front of the condensing coils, therefore one would have to climb over the unit to get in or out. #-o
The area is near downtown Houston and the property is 3 stories with a tiny back yard, so my thinking was if the only means of egress was out the back door, through the back yard and out the gate, with the condensing unit there, it would become a safety hazard.
I’m assuming IF there are requirements, it will be at a local level, but wanted to check if Y’all.

I am not aware of any Building Code applicable to fences and gates (unless a Pool is present)

If the gate is a problem, remove and/or relocate.

i add $$ for fence and see restricted access all the time on zero lots
equipment access does not meet min. mfr. install requirement, disconnects access not present without contorting over the units, egress min.not maintained…
write them up HARD
numerous ahj & hoa have requirements for fences, i just copy and paste in the report or attach pdf, check yours…

if you cant use the gate due to obstruction or improper placement, i’d write it up as it does not function properly. As the open gate should provide adequate access to walk through.