Does anyone know what happened to fetchreport.com? Suddenly it appears to go offline. My clients can’t go online and download their reports. Is this permanent or temporarily. So far, a few days.


I can’t log into it or moveincertified. It might have something to do with the free inspection widget that Nick is working on.

Another reason to have access to reports on your business website I guess.

If you have any issues going forward, I emailed Nick last night. He forwarded the email to:

Tim Eaton tim@internachi.org
Chris Morrell chris@internachi.org

A short while later, the site was back up and running.

And I agree with Geff as far as having reports available on your website. I will check into using my website to host my reports. Maybe as a backup for the time being, but I may look at using my website as my main source.