Fetchreport Down

Fetchreport down, not responding.
2 Clients reported problems today.

This is getting to be a daily problem. :shock:

So since Nachi is supporting FetchReport what happens now? I also have many people who look at it considering me, and witha dead link, I don’t think that shows anything good about my company. I advertise it on my business card, website, word of mouth

I emailed Chris Morell that the site was down and he responded in less than 3 minutes that it is now up.

Thanks Chris

We’re going to be moving FetchReport to a new server later next month. That should solve the system issues we’ve been having. If the site does go down, though, please e-mail me because I don’t check the message board.


Reminder, with 4,500 sites, 260 million hits, 43 countries, and 80 servers… every second any member wastes posting a technical alert on the message board is a second something goes unrepaired.

We count on members.

Yep, I have always found Nick, Lisa and Chris to be very responsive when issues crop up but you have to tell them by some other means than the message board.

As the guy in the Orange shirt says “Hope this Helps”:smiley:

Correct. Office staff and IT do not monitor the message board. We rely on members to email us if even so much as a dead link is discovered.

As a back up guys I can copy and paste code I use and put it on your site or you can pay DOM alittle something to do it with my code. I store my reports on my own server and fetch them by username and password I assign to my clients. Free of charge. You must be able to gain access to your server where your files are stored.