fetch report

hi…is fetch report working for anybody. I have a report to upload and its not working. also I went to another site posted on nachi , i believe runned by grassfrog and there site report upload is too not working. is there any place that i can upload a clients report that is reliable.

thanks in advance to everyone

Dennis…I just uploaded a report and sent it to myself…everything worked just fine. Try clearing your browser cache, maybe even roboot your kumpooter and try again.

dont know whats wrong. i already have a pdf of the report and just wanted to go to fetchreport.com to upload it. when i go to fetchreport .com the two ads show for prolab and something else and it asks me to download an old report that is previously hosted on fetch report. i even went as far as downloading my old report off of fetch report, but the same thing happens every time i go to fetchreport.com…also this is happening on two seperate computers in my place using a shared connection. im not using fetchreportpdf creator cause it gave me issues months ago and i removed it. i used pdf creator and am trying to manually upload the report at the site…but when i go to fetchreport.com and log in…it just gives me the ad page and a logout link

Are you logging in as the 'inspector" or are you logging in as a ‘user’…i.e. maybe you sent yourself a report as a test and you are using that login name & pw instead of another one that is your master fetchreport name/pw?

i discovered the problem…there appears to be multiple accounts for me or something similar…i got in and everything worked fine. really appreciate the help.


Glad it worked out for you!

Several hundred reports went up today, so it must be working.

I uploaded a few reports today and it seems to be working.

i just wish it would display time, date and ip address when the report has been viewed and downloaded. otherwise works great.

Fetch report seems to be down. I have tried on two different computers. i can log in, but when I try to upload a report it say’s “Connecting to upload server…” After a couple minutes it times out. It’s frustrating that there is no contact information on their website. I ended up using Just Send File http://www.justsendfile.com/ it is free and allows emails of large files (up to 100 mb) for free.
Bill Meyer

I email (send) All of my reports in PDF using either gmail or yahoo. No problem at all.

Ditto. Works great and makes the sent email another saved copy in case something happens with the other 3 saved copies in different places :wink:

Is there a limit on file size that can be uploaded to fetch

If I ever need to send a pdf, now I know.