FHA foundation inspection?

My client (perhaps) needs a foundation certification for a mobile/modular. After determining that I could not do it, I began hunting for a solution for them. Any idea where to look for one? I am in Western central lower Michigan, 49431

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Send me your email address.

Try here https://www.foundationcerts.com/order_fi.html

Sending PM Jim.

Chris, Thanks for the link, they would not speak to me, apparently Im not a customer.

Did you speak with them by phone? I’ve spoke with Ed and his secretary a few times, very nice. You can join their network and do the inspection and they provide the foundation certification. Or send your potential client to the site and they can order an inspection.

Chris: Apparently, they were having technical difficulties when I was talking to them, which is why our conversation was cut short. They did email me. Thanks for the info;