Engineering Certification of Foundation for Manufactured Homes

I did some searching and found a post mentioning Hayman Engineering,
Does anybody else know if there are any other companies such as this - that offer remote engineering certification of manufactured home foundations and structural add-ons, based upon the information you gather for them in the field?


**They have used me for over 5 years in my service area.
Nice people, I get paid in about 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I get a call for water intrusion, etc also.

Hey thanks Marc,
Looking at the website you posted I don’t see anything about using home inspectors to acquire info and pictures for long distance certifications, is this something that they do offer but just don’t advertise, like should I call them Monday and speak with them about it?
Just making sure we didn’t misunderstand each other, my original post actually looks a bit vague to me after the fact…

Harrison Engineering, LLC
Nationwide Engineering Services and Inspections
8551 Boat Club Road, Suite 121 #195
Fort Worth, TX 76179
Tel: 877-736-7327

Call them & ask for Ed Harrison the engineer or his wife, I think her name is Tammy.
They’ll send you instructions, etc.
Just mention my name & good luck!

I did 3 for them last week and have 1 already for next week.
Good people. Been working with them for years.

Wow thank you so much I really appreciate it, I will call them first thing Monday morning!

Wow is it legal for a engineering firm to issue a foundation report based on pic gathered by a non engineer. I just recently ran into another HI gathering pics for a local engineer while I was doing a full house inspection. If its legal for them why can we not send a non licensed HI to gather info and we just write the report based on pics. Seems kinda unfair

Such is life.
If you want to, you could go to college, get your engineering degree, & then have the “power” to do such discriminatory deeds.

There is more to it than just sending pics.