Opportunities for Inspectors

I have recently teamed up with an engineering firm to provide “Foundation Certifications” on manufactured homes. FHA and VA loans will require a foundation cert before lending on MFH’s.

This is an ancillary service that you (as a home inspector) can use to facilitate the foundation cert, which is issued by a Professional, Registered Engineer. You can promote this in your area and build your own service, and/or you can place yourself on the register (like with draw inspections) to perform the inspection orders in your area.

For more information go to http://www.tinyurl.com/siteinsp. There is an online form to fill in if you’re interested.

FWIW - I am not affiliated with this firm and I make no commission for providing inspectors. This is an informational post, for inspectors looking to add an additional service.

Ed just sent me some further information.

Have you been doing a lot for them?

Just hooked up recently. No work for them yet. . .

My first impression was not that they send you work as much as they show you how to dig it up yourself.
I may be wrong.

Signed On

That may well be. I typically have 10 or 15 opportunities each year to offer foundation certs on MFH’s that I am already inspecting.


I am a proud member of NACHI and a licensed engineer in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan & Texas…willing to ge more state licenses if needed!

I would like to partner with any of you interested in Manufactured Home Foundation Certification. Yes, you would have to find the jobs and do the inspection; I will review your field notes and write the report. I am willing to split the fee 50-50.

Please email with any questions.


We started working with them last week and have granted them access to InterNACHI member’s contact information for the purposes of hiring members.