FHA/HUD Inspections

Haven’t done any of these in my small community, but after looking some at the government web site, I’m left with several questions (no surprise). Can someone give me some relatively straight-forward answers?

  1. What are the qualifications for doing routine home inspections for homes to be financed by these agencies?

  2. Under what conditions (type of inspections) do I have to be on the “list”?

  3. What qualifications are required to be an FHA and/or HUD inspector?

  4. Are the answers different for inspecting “double-wides” etc?


Try this link.

Might help.

Interesting info, but that site appears to be for UPCS qualifications required for HUD REAC training which applices to multi-family and public houseing units. What I would like to find are the qualifications for providing inspections for FHA financed housing. Thanks

Some from the search function:


Good information - thanks for doing what I should have done already! Although all the links helped some and may have claridifed some issues, it is still pretty confusing. Thanks