FHA & HUD Certification

Does anyone know how to go about getting certified for government inspections? I know there is a course that is in DC, but I’m in UT. Also, what pre-req’s do you need. I think I read 200 inspections on the FHA page. Can these be any type of inspection?

What government inspections are you referring to? If you can provide a link to these then it would certainly make answers more concise and clear.

FHA & HUD have several DIFFERENT type loans and inspectors.

Being approved for 1 does not give you approval for others.

State which type you are inquiring about.

The link below is the one I have been gathering information from as far as requirements. There is no referenced code to what type of inspector these requirements are for. It appears as generic mortgage inspector requirements to me. Thoughts?

Federal Register
FHA Inspector Roster

Start here HSG | HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) . These are the guide(s) for both the FHA Fee Inspector and the 203K Inspectors. If you have the background you can apply for the 203K Inspector program. If you have a State license of some type, or the other HUD prerequisites, you apply for the FHA Fee Inspector roster. Here will tell you how to apply.

How do I apply to be placed on the FHA Inspector Roster?

Good Luck!

I am down for fee inspections, 203K consulting for 2 states and approved for ADA projects.

I wish I remembered how I did all that, all I remember is the goofy paperwork and multiple emails to getting certified. Except for the 203K the other work is infrequent. I do a lot of K’s though.

Can I hear an AMEN! The HUD site is so disjointed you can’t find anything on it without long term searching! :roll:

Thank you to all for your resources. Much appreciated!

I am doing lots of 203K projects these days…


It’s almost unbelievable how hard it was to get things done with HUD/ FHA.
35,000 employees and some are good hardworking people but some are simply kicking the can down the road if you need something. Simple requests take weeks to get an answer and then you find out its the wrong answer. I wish we could fix our government. Billions of dollars spent for employees who do absolutely nothing year after year and after all that they get rewarded with a pension.

I’m FHA Fee Inspector, Compliance Inspector, 203k Consultant / Inspector

Seems like each Region had their own rules REGARDLESS what HUD national said. Where I was at when I started in 1995 … they required a 2 day class, test, 5 yrs inspection / construction / engineering background, etc and a referral from a lender

Getting in today GOT no idea.