FHA Inspections

Hey guys,

Just have a few questions with regards to FHA home Inspections.

  1. To be able to provide this service is there any additional training required?

  2. How offers that training.

  3. What is the cost of that training.

  4. Are there standard inspection forms for FHA.

Thanks for all your help.

What fha inspections are you talking about? There are several, each with different requirements…

There are numerous threads on this subject already. Check the search function.

Search my posts about this subject.

New Purchase Inspections for FHA.

I tried to search. Either Im not doing it right or something is wrong.

Any direction would be appreciated.


That’s typically just a home inspection.

If they want more then that they need to specify exactly what they are needing. Some may need a specific form filled out. If so there is a registration required. The detail of the inspection and the fee charged would be dependent upon what is requested. (92051 form is a 10 minute $100 inspection that takes more time to do the invoice, report, and photo pages than it does to do the inspection. A 203K has additional requirements as well. ) Some may need inspections done to “fha standards”, if so, ask them what standards they are needing (reference an fha document) and go from there.

There are “no requirement, fha inspections” that are just inspections (“I’m getting an fha loan and they say I need to have the house inspected.”).

There are “fee inspections” that are the 92051 form mentioned above.

There are “compliance inspections” that are 1004-d forms that can only be done by appraisers. (I sub these to an appraiser friend of mine.)

There are 203K inspections that can only be done by 203K consultants.

There are other fha/hud inspections that are also only done by appraisers along with their appraisal.

Bottom line here is that you haven’t given us enough details on your question for us to give you an answer.

“New Purchase Inspections for FHA” could be a half dozen different things. More details are required.

What Mark said, if it’s a typical home inspection, there are no special requirements, training, or certification needed to perform the inspection for either a FHA or VA loan.

They do require a special type of appraisal, but as for as a basic home inspection for the buyer, no.

Thanks for the help guys. You have given me some good direction. I will be asking a few questions tomorrow.

Again very much appreciated.