Whats required for FHA Inspections?

WHat is needed to perform inspections for FHA and VA?? Also what are the paying per inspection? any info would be appreciated.

FHA and VA inspections are just inspections, nothing different than what you do already…

HUD has two additional types of “inspectors” that are different than that:

  1. 203 inspections aren’t really inspections at all, and are typically done by appraisers, but you could get approved if you want. There is some info here on NACHI’s site somewhere that you can get trained.
  2. “Fee inspector” is something you could do. Go to hud’s web site and search for fee inspector. There is a lot to read, but all you really have to do is fill out their application. Generally speaking a “final” inspection is what you would be doing, and the going rate is about $100.00. Personally I charge extra for rush, or travel in excess of 30 minutes. The actual inspection usually takes less than 10 minutes. Filling out the report, and generating an invoice takes longer.

Thanks Mark