Fiber cement siding

Anyone have a “best practice” for repairing nail pops in fiber cement siding?

Several methods exist but I’m looking for additional opinions or manufacturer information.:slight_smile:


When you say “nail pops” are you referring to nails that are countersunk and caulked and then pop out the caulking?

Hardie says to caulk and add another nail.

Underdriven nails should be hit flush.

If it is a pop, hitting back will not keep it there for long–> remove, caulk, add new nail near it.


Unless you can identify the manufacturer with absolute confidence, I would just recommend repair “per the manufacture’s instructions”.


New construction where the nails have backed out an 1/8th inch or so.

Thanks Shawn.

I saw Hardie’s instructions. But I have no idea whether it’s Hardie Plank or Certainteed or what. I would imagine most repairs remain the same.

The builder just wants to re-seat and caulk. I agree that’s a temporary fix

Thanks Michael.
Already said that. Just trying to help client with builder dispute.

Are you sure they “backed out” ? or perhaps they were underdriven to begin with.

Not the best of photos but yes they had backed out in areas mostly towards the end of the planks and near the corners.

What I see is an under driven nail that was shot from a pnuematic gun using nails in a plastic strip. I have shot a sh*tload of nails into Hardiboards and panels and every time we tried to use nails in the plastic strips we would get exactly what you see there. Pieces of the plastic get wedged behind the nail head preventing it from seating properly. We switched to nails in a paper strip or wire and that virtually ended unless the pressure got too low or was set too low to start with. That white piece of crap next to the nail head is the plastic debris. It does not compress worth a flip and keeps the nails from driving flush.

This particular image may indeed be underdriven, but there were several evident where a demple was behind the head where it had been.

Thanks for the input.:slight_smile: