What would you say about this nailing job.

Looks pretty dang close to what James Hardi puts in his instructions. Mind you, each product has instructions for different zones and conditions. His website gives detailed instructions for each.


Several areas of this siding are under nailed and over nailed.

You just answered your own question.

I can only comment on the one photo you showed us. That one looks pretty much like the instructions.

I recently did a phase inspection where the product was Certainteed Fiber Cement lap siding. After meeting with the GC, manufacturer rep and owner of the installation company and his crew…they agreed that my assessment that the installation was so poor it all had to be removed…that cost them at least $15,000.00… probably more.

If you are only looking at the fastening of this product then you are far behind the 8 ball in inspecting fiber cement siding… rarely do you find an installer that gets all of it right.

You need to know who the manufacturer is and preferably be family with their installation instructions. All product should have an ICCESR… once an inspector obtains that, then they how have a basis to determine whether it was installed properly.

Did you determine the manufacturer?
What did you put down on your report?


PS. The trimboards are not Hardie… they are probably Miratec, that is what I use on homes I build… they have their own installation requirements.

You are right about that. Just a couple of years ago Hardi changed their instructions for lapboard siding. They now require a flashing behind each butt joint and now they say DO NOT caulk the joints. Each manufacturer has their own instructions but most will defer to the local AHJ somewhere in the verbiage of the instructions.

Writing report now. I could not find the BRAND anywhere. We do not see many homes with this type of siding. Several marks on siding that look like hammer marks.


About the only way I have found, back when I was a general contractor, to keep my guys from making hammer marks is to tell them if they make any more hammer marks, they will be also receive a few hammer marks themselves. You would be surprised how well that works. I learned that from my dad. Whenever he saw me doing something continuously wrong he would tap my hand that was hammering. It breaks you of any hammering habit really quick.

It may last 12 months, but I always make a note in my reports about over-driven siding nails, joints, and bottom siding edges not painted.

Looks like Masonite siding to me. I would just refer to it as composite siding.


It is a HARDI BOARD type of siding. I should have not said Hardi Board.

Certainteeds ICCESR is 1668
It should be close…with the exception of flashing details.

When I was installing it (Color Plus), I flashed the each butt joint even when the manufacturer said caulk… a few years later they changed it to reflect that.
Understanding water management goes along way to installing any exterior product.