Fiberglass Exposure?

Fiberglass insulation that was in my furnace came loose, was shredded by the fan and subsequently disbursed though the heater vents into my home. I have been inhaling it for some time now and have had symptoms including sore throat, cough and bloody nose. I am not sure if you are the correct group to help or not, but i would like for someone to inspect my house to check for fiberglass particles. I had someone come out and clean the ducts and attempt to fix the furnace, but i have not run the heater since. I have vacuumed several times, but would like to know if there are any particles that remain inside the house. Is that something you can check for? Thanks for your help

MR Schmoe…LOL :slight_smile:
Have the unit compartments and ducts cleaned then try not to get fixated on it as there are all sorts of things in the air which may be worse.

Having worked with Polyester Resins my personal opinion is once cured there is little danger from a chemical standpoint however the glass fibers in fiberglass should not be compared to asbestos and cleaning out the components should be good enough.