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Good morning (depending on where you are) I have been contacted a couple of times concerning subcontracting inspections with Fideliety Inspection & Consulting Services (a re location outfit) Anybody heard of or had experience with them? For one thing I don’tt care for is they ask for a ‘cure’ for any deficiences found and also estimated cost. I have been assurred these are to be non binding estimates but I’m not the most trusting feller.
Is there any list of ‘estimated repair/replacement costs’ available in our esteemed association? I have looked and not found
Thanks for any info and experience
mike in MN

its not too difficult.
Trim tree back from roof $250
replace downspouts on south side $300

You can also pick up a construction cost estimation book at Lowes.

If these are the guys out of Pennsyvainia I have found them to be honest and they pay on time.

Thanks for the replies. Sounds easy enough but how about liablility. eg…Bearing wall is defective (one of the entries on actual report)…‘solution’…remove and install new bearing wall which conforms with structural engineering specs’…cost…well i would have to guess, $1500…later I’m informed that the bill was $4000 and the buyer would like the difference. Is this possible?
mike in MN

I do a lot of work for them. They pay on time and let me set my cost. Thier forms are easy to fill in and I set it up so I do not give estimates for repairs.

not sure if they are still operating in the same manner as years ago.
Fidelity depends upon the inspector to have E&O to defend a claim.
do not depend upon Fidelity supporting you.
have the client sign your contract as well before providing the report.

Bumping this old post as I was just contacted regarding an inquiry from FICS about inspecting for them in my area. A (welcomed) unusual aspect is that I don’t see that they are trying to set my fee, unlike other companies that expect us to work for nothing, or less.

If you’ve sub-contracted to them, how has your experience been with setting your rates and them accepting?

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Tim Kaiser

From the magnifying glass search (upper right corner of this page) of the InterNACHI forum:

Thanks Larry,
I’d seen some of those already and was happy to see the others.

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