Field Mentors for NJ Home Inspection School - Extra $$$ at your inspections!

Make extra money at your inspections!!

The Home Inspection Institute, one of the most established training schools in New Jersey, is looking for Field Mentors to provide ride-alongs to students who are working towards completing their home inspector training and licensing.

The role of the student at the ride-along is as an observer, and they are instructed to simply watch and learn, rather than take part in the inspection or client/agent interaction.

Field Mentors earn $30 for each ride-along, or $40 for a ride-along and report review. Scheduling is done through SuperSaas, to make the process as simple as possible. Just add your inspection information, and students can sign themselves up.

Open to any inspectors with an active New Jersey license, from Sussex to Cape May Counties!

If interested, reach out to for more information