Filter directly on the A Coil


Not seen it like that before. Usually on those type of units I see the filter on the back side of the louvered cover panel.


Terrible idea. Air flow should go through the filter BEFORE reaching the blower or A coil. All that was accomplished is restricting the air flow at the A coil and insuring that the dirt stays with the A coil. (evaporator is wet from condensation, why would you want wet dirt, hair, pollen and whatever else is floating around that house concentrated at the A coil?)

Definite fail.


Is this a downflow install?
If so, the air is hitting the filters before the coil & blower.


Looks like a mobile home, vents are in the floor.

I agree!

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Hadn’t really considered that. Looks like a return grill. 'Course I still wouldn’t want my filters to contact the wet evaporator.

Completely agree, I’ve seen soggy filters adhered to coils in similar setups.

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Looks like a Colman mobile home furnace. The filters go in the filter rack, in the upper door.

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