HVAC air handler with no enclosure?

this air handler has no cabinet. It is inside a closet with a vent grill in the door. Filters are kind of bent over the coils.
2003 mobile home

should I call this out?

Is this ok, or do I refer it to an HVAC contractor?

Matt, the filters are on the wrong side of the coil, making it an improper installation justifying the recommendation that quotes should be obtained for proper installation before closing. Also, the flex duct running into the blower compartment without a plenum can’t be right.

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and I should not have missed that the filters are on the wrong side…

AHU, Air Handler?
Looks like a NG/LP furnace.

Model and serial numbers please.

What you appear to be referring to is, the evaporator. The evaporator has no metal cabinet. Placing filters directly a top the heat exchanger coils will affect over all performance.

its an electric heat pump at this mobile home.


Makes me glad there aren’t any mobile homes around here to inspect. Is that by chance a down flow setup? Otherwise it’s a closet-room air conditioner? I don’t think there is any good reason for the coils to not be in an enclosure.

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Closet mounted heat pump. Notice the intake grill and filter at the bottom (updraft).

If you think about it the reason the unit must be enclosed in a cabinet is to assure ALL the supply air travels through the A coil. Otherwise a large portion of the air would be neither heated nor cooled as required.


To start with, the filter is not on the wrong side of the coil. It’s a downdraft unit.

Second, the flex duct is coming out of the plenum, which is at the bottom of the AHU.

The only recommendation is that you take some more HVAC courses.

This is a pain in the ass mobile home, they all are. This is how many of the old trailers were made.
The closet is the return plenum, and it is not a cased coil. It does not work well, but it’s not the job of a HI to require remanufacturing of a manufactured home. Back in the day, A/C was an add-on option, which is the way this has been installed. And whoever said it; this is not a heat pump and it is also not a gas furnace.

Pictures don’t show what we need to see. Too many assumptions have been made.


To start with, if that’s a downdraft unit, where’s the blower, and of course the filters are installed backwards based on your assumption, given the directional arrow on the filter.

Your carping and often incorrect comments on this forum have probably driven away ten times the number of inspectors who’ve been helped here. I’ll bet that in person you’re an old ASHI-style home inspector–you know, one of those angry little men who hide their personal inadequacies behind construction trivia.


Well smart ass, where do you think it would be? Maybe down below? Not all air handlers blow through the coil. There is such thing as a draw through design, (which is more efficient by the way).

Ahhh, your one of those who call people names to cover up the truth…
You must be a card-carrying member of the cancel culture.

Try looking it up before you open your trap moron.



@dandersen I could not get your link to work. I found this one which is likely similar.

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That will explain it just fine.

Would you agree that we must be “assuming” this is a downdraft electric furnace, therefore wrong because of the arrows on the filter installed? :thinking:


I’m a card carrying former f.o. for a recon team in Vietnam, you jackass.

PS, any forum that Nick or Ben chooses, I’ll readily prove what I just said. You’re a four-flushing ass who ruins this forum by injecting your own personal inadequacies under the guise of expertise. There are so many young inspectors who must be turned off by your constant carping. Your photo disproves what you’re saying in the first place. What way is the arrow pointing, again?

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Getting good…

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Are you talking about this arrow?

I would not consider that an indicator of air flow. As a guess, I would say at least 25% of the air handlers I inspect the filters are installed incorrectly (homeowner error). If the unit was an up draft, the filters would just blow off to the side, am I right?

For the record, I am not emotionally involved here. I just want to get to accurate information.


What would be good,Tom, would be if this forum became a professional forum without innuendo and personal attacks that do nothing to further the careers of newcomers who are no doubt turned off by the sneering and vitriol that characterizes so much of the regulars’ comments. I got into this business in Connecticut in 1993 and could write a bestseller about pettiness based on my experiences with home inspectors.

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You completely miss my point. You’re just carping to blow your own horn–as usual. Where do you know-it-alls come from, anyway?

Was the first personal attack I saw on this thread.

Was the 3rd personal attack I saw on this thread.

@dsmith32 I asked a question. I make no claim to know it all. In fact, I asked YOU who HAS claimed to have greater personal knowledge.

So, I am confused about “arrows” seeking clarification. Would you like to participate or complain?


That would certainly be helpful at this point :slight_smile:

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