Just curious about the contraption on the pictured pipe. Lots of modifications on this classic, so ignore the copper/pvc coming off the bib (unless you want to comment), just don’t recall seeing this item on a line before. I assume its a filter of some sort, but a confirmation would be great. Thanks

I can post more pics on this one if you want. But I will comment that I have been seeing a few repipes using soft copper, with wild bends, hooks, and creative support methods. What do you guys say about this?


Filter on sprinkler/drip piping. Needs back flow preventer.

Thank you sir. Yeah, I noted the lack of back flow prevention. You would of loved this one, plenty of plumbing and electrical mods to keep me busy for 4 HOURS! (1600 sq ft). By the way, have you been seeing these soft copper repipes in our area at all? Here are some pics. Note the excellent plywood support system. And where did they get the plywood…just cut down the firewall.