Lawn Sprinklers System

Today, I saw a lawn sprinkler system, tapped in the water line just above water inlet valve on the water heater. Any thoughts or is it OK! I would send photo but I not that smart.

Was there a backflow preventer present?

Yes, on the outside of the house.

As long as there is a backflow preventer I would not see a problem.

I agree with Brian.

As oftentimes I am the one trying to find a pipe to tap…I would agree also, BUT, not necessarily my first choice…I like to get as close to the water meter as I can and be first in line…so to speak…

In Arizona I never had a problem…always got water at the house…here in Colorado, pipes freeze and that changed everything…now I carry black widow spray in my torch box…sheeesh, damn crawlspaces!

I just had to see this again:D

I agree with Brian.