Soft copper joint

So these pics are from a repipe, using all soft pipe. I took a couple shots of the runs and joints. I’m pretty sure the joint material is an approved epoxy I looked into. But what is acceptable as far as the runs for the soft pipe, regarding support, unnecessary bends, insulation, and reductions? Sorry for the last pic’s fuzziness. I am just starting to see more and more of these installations, and trying to get as much info as I can, but not too much out there.

Just reviewed post and no pics. Working on it.

The pics are not fuzzy. They are transparent.

What’s “soft pipe”?

Hopefully the pics show up here




Sorry, soft copper

pipe support guidelines

sure looks like a solder joint in the last picture

Middle picture rear of the photo … are those two lines supported in any way?

outside of proper supports I don’t see a problem.

I agree with Chris. Soft copper with good looking solder joint. Wiped nicely.

Re- Pipe I’d guess… seen worse, as mentioned, question about bracing in middle rear photo, copper strap and exterior or drywall screw? Poss. Di-Electric concern. They make nice little pin holes in a couple years, nice way to keep drywall/repair contractors in business. :slight_smile: