Final 4 mock inspections

Hello I am in the process of my last 3 mock inspections. The 1st being on my own house which was easy to walk around my laptop with me during. I understand I may be able to use my phone but that seems like it would take a while. Any tips on how to go about this and it being easier process? Of course when I start my business I will buy a good tablet or a device someone suggests? and also the best software which I also need advice on? I want to go all out and get all the best tools and devices to make my job easier. Maybe I am doing it all backwards but I am getting my Internachi certification before I start anything regarding the business. Please let me know if I should start getting the software now and the tablet now and do it that way. Thank you

Welcome Jay!

Spend some time using the search (spyglass) at the top of the page. Type in each of your questions and you will find many threads already discussed on the topics you pose. If you have any problems, or still have questions, let us know.

The reason I say this is that you’re asking 100’s of inspectors and you will 1000’s of opinions. :wink: You’ll be able eventually see and find what works best for you.


Btw Jay, good luck in your studies. Don’t take my post wrong, I’m just trying to save you some time by exploring what has been posted in the past. This forum is one of the best learning tools you’ll have for becoming a good home inspector!


Welcome Jay,

As Tom mentioned, use the search tool and you’ll find many threads on the subject.

Personally I use my phone (S21 Ultra) and take most of the pictures for my report with it. For me it’s very efficient and convenient and fits in my shirt pocket when I need my hands for things like opening panels. I use 3D inspection software.

Best of luck to you moving forward and remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.


In the field, I find my phone and mobile reporting software to work very well, as do many other inspectors.

But for the mock inspections, if you are using the NACHI mock inspection form, you are better off just taking pictures with your phone/camera during the inspection and then filling out the inspection form later on a laptop or desktop. I don’t think that form is mobile friendly, if I remember right.


Thanks Ryan. Yeah that was the main question and I guess my thought. The thing is I am almost using it to gain business as well. My real estate friend is allowing me to do two of the mock inspections on properties her company is selling. So I want to also give the reports to her when I am done so she can pass them around. At this point I think I need to get one of the software programs which I am going between Spectora and HIP. I think I will just transfer it over to the NACHI mock inspection form from there. I a starting from scratch even though I am coming from construction I have most of the electrical testing equipment and ladders and such. Just have to figure out software, tablet/smartphone, FLIR I want to use that wont break me financially, and I think that may be it. I will maybe use NACHI for marketing materials and website and such if that is the best way to go.

In my opinion, this is not a great idea. Do you really want any of your very first four mock inspections being passed around as a representation of your work? I wouldn’t LOL. I probably wouldn’t want any of my first 50 being passed around.

Both solid choices. There are other good ones as well, but it can be hard to scrutinize all of them. Too overwhelming. You can’t go wrong with either of those two though. :+1:


Very good point. Kind of a chicken before the egg scenario though. I have to try to drum up business so I can have inspections to perform lol. With that said do you get any leads from NACHI for inspections. I can send them to just her as she knows I am just starting out and have her keep them to herself.

I think I will go with Spectora for now as it is much less upfront cost. Once I get rolling I can explore others

100 inspectors, 1000 opinions…

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That is why I am asking…

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That would be best. Has she been an agent for a while? In other words, has she seen lots of reports? If so, she might be able to provide some good feedback for you. If she is newer, I wouldn’t even bother giving them to her. Especially if they are selling the home, because they may pass them off to a potential buyer as a legitimate inspection.

Yeah she is experienced agent and she knows I am just starting out. She knows with my personality I am be really good at it and understands it will be a learning curve. She is honest so I will make sure she does not use it as I am not going to charge her for the inspection

The thing I saw with Spectora was the scheduling perk. Where it sends out automatic notifications to the client and also myself and reminders.( Maybe they all have that) I am scatter brain so that will be super helpful. I will also being running my other business in the mean time until I grow the inspection business I can stage back the other. Also this may be a obvious question but a person can run a construction company and also be an inspector right? I guess the conflict of interest is if I was to refer work from a inspection, to myself which is against NACHI SOP and I would obviously keep the two completely separate. I would never intermingle the two but more along the lines, that it is not a problem if I have the two businesses right?

This. What he said.

Just do the mock inspections on the limited internachi thing and forget about it promptly afterwards. I’m not sure who even looks at those things. Just do your best and be done. If you want to do some advertising inspections, use the 6 Free spectora inspections.

As for a camera, I bought a Hikmicro Pocket 2. It does enough of what I need. I take a pic of the electrical panel and the roof venting as well as looking for wet spots. It’s enough for that.

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Thank you Mark.

“Without any other consideration…I’m choosing Spectora…” :rofl: :shushing_face: :wink:


Also check with your state, but the NACHI ethics require that you generally don’t do repairs on a home you inspected for 12 months after. Another conflict of interest could arise if you are inspecting work you did prior (not knowing at the time you would be inspecting it later). Just be honest in your assessment, even if you did the work, and you should be fine.

Some people just know when they have it right! :wink: :blush:


Of course, thank you Ryan. I will definitely keep the two completely separate and be sure I do not perform any inspections on properties I have worked on before.

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