Spector offers InterNACHI members a deal on reporting software.

Sweet looking sample report:

Thanks David, we’ve put a lot of work from feedback into it.

Wanted to say hello to everyone and to let me know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.

For those that want to learn a little more about our background and values, I wrote a letter to InterNACHI members on another forum --> https://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/intro-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-members-118592/#post1632756

See everyone around.

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Good catch JJ

No offense…but that sample report sucks. If I spent $350.00 on an inspection and received a report like that, I would be p issed…

I have to agree.

Seems pretty offensive… Kevin, keep pushing forward man despite the criticism. Continue to work on your product daily making it better little by little and day by day. I was in your position 3 years ago with Spectacular. If you have a great product, inspectors will buy it and use it and you’ll make it. If you have another job, quit it and give this your full attention. Competition is fierce in the home inspection software industry and the potential customer count is limited. Good luck man…


Be offended all you want. The comments in the report are vague, nonsensical and will get a new inspector sued if they use verbiage or the train of thought the sample report reflects. We have enough silliness in this profession, let alone to defend crappy products. Until the software is ready and can reasonably reflect sound statements, it shouldn’t be for sale.

Which makes me wonder why so many are keen to get in on it.

It seems that a company would have spend tens of thousands, if not more, on programing, R&D, development and marketing just for the opportunity to sell maybe a few hundred, perhaps a thousand copies in their first few years.

It seems too many of these new programs are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t fully exist.

I actually think it looks way more modern and nice than most reports. It doesn’t look like something created in 1999. I am looking for something newer and modern. Obviously it would require adding new narratives to fit your own business. I definitely feel like it’s a step in the right direction as far as UX and design.

Hey Russell,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve gotten lots of feedback from inspectors, agents and buyers that agree with you. We know the newer platforms like Spectacular and ours will be met with some resistance, but to each his/her own :slight_smile:

Thanks Aaron, we’re a fan of what you guys are doing over there. All we can do is keep listening to the guys that are helping refine the product. Takes time.

No offense taken Michael! We’ve gotten plenty of good feedback on the design and layout, which is what the sample report is intended to display.

The Captions would be better if they actually showed without need to click.The truncated report has no actual comments past a checklist that can be seen without clicking every single picture and when reproduced as PDF notice there are zero pictures and the summery is all hyperlinks .
Kudos for imagination on caption format but certainly not easy of fast for a Lawyer and Agent to digest and print .

The report needs to print well.

Hey Ian,

We started building based solely on interviews with home inspectors and clients expressing their frustration with outdated software, reports and technology. So while I respect that you feel there wasn’t/isn’t a need, that doesn’t mean others don’t feel that way. They might just not express it in the forums.

And you’re right, definitely a small market. It takes time or money!

Thanks Bob, constructive and helpful feedback. We’re sprucing up the sample this weekend to address some of these issues.

Seems like an expensive option for software you don’t get to own or keep.

Hey Alan,

Thanks for weighing in. We understand there is value to downloadable software that’s “yours”. Not feeling like you own it is one of the few downsides to cloud platforms.

However on the flip side, you don’t have to wait months or years for upgrades and updates. They happen in days, sometimes hours. And you never have to pay for new versions. So the pros and cons could be debated (and have plenty on here:))

We thought the monthly plan gave the most flexibility for new guys that can’t afford $800+ to get started, high volume guys that were paying per inspection, or guys that like the responsiveness of updates.