Found this yesterday. One problem I have discovered when marketing Seller Certified Inspections, is that the seller does not want to pay for the inspection, Some are already hard-up for $$$$. Here is a suggestion.](

Anything is worth a try.
Do you take credit cards. If so check with your merchant provider if you are able to accept a card on recurring basis.

Another avenue is market the Move In Certified to Agents.
You can get an Agent to split the cost with the Seller, maybe give the Agent a discount on bulk.

If your inspection company is on a cash basis, which most are from an accounting standpoint, starting around the end of next month, you want to be very generous in carrying MIC payments past the end of the year to defer taxable income.

And then again in October, you want to be similarly as generous in offering payments at closing. This form may be of use:

Also, there is no law that requires you to go to your inspection business mailbox between Christmas and New Years. :wink:

8/2/13, 1:12 PM

Florida Statute:

468.8319 Prohibitions; penalties.—

(1) A person may not:

(a) Effective July 1, 2011, practice or offer to practice home inspection services unless the person has complied with the provisions of this part.

(b) Effective July 1, 2011, use the name or title “certified home inspector,” “registered home inspector,” “licensed home inspector,” “home inspector,” “professional home inspector,” or any combination thereof unless the person has complied with the provisions of this part.

© Present as his or her own the license of another.

(d) Knowingly give false or forged evidence to the department or an employee thereof.

(e) Use or attempt to use a license that has been suspended or revoked.

(f) Perform or offer to perform any repairs to a home on which the inspector or the inspector’s company has prepared a home inspection report. This paragraph does not apply to a home warranty company that is affiliated with or retains a home inspector to perform repairs pursuant to a claim made under a home warranty contract.

(g) Inspect any property in which the inspector or the inspector’s company has any financial or transfer interest.

(h) Offer or deliver any compensation, inducement, or reward to any broker or agent therefor for the referral of the owner of the inspected property to the inspector or the inspection company.

(i) Accept an engagement to make an omission or prepare a report in which the inspection itself, or the fee payable for the inspection, is contingent upon either the conclusions in the report, preestablished findings, or the close of escrow.

(2) Any person who is found to be in violation of any provision of this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

That means payment at closing is legal Marvin.

What is illegal is making the fee contingent on the home being sold. In other words, forgiving the fee if the home doesn’t go to closing would be illegal.

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I use the paypal financing which has helped a few clients, and also use the forms nick mentioned when needed.

Hey Nick, What happens if the seller takes the house off the market? This agreement does not cover this situation.

This one does:

Absent of clarification that the payment is deferred until closing, but due nevertheless, if prohibited by statute, the inspector may appear to have a financial interest in the sale of the dwelling.

It’s not prohibited by statute… anywhere.

Awesome, Thanks!

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Can someone who isn’t running a successful business please make a ‘the inspector promises to not invoice at closing so it doesn’t appear he has a financial interest in the sale of the dwelling’ pledge? The more pledges you sign, the more legitimate your business is, correct?

You can’t just bold certain parts of a sentence and exclude the rest :slight_smile:

Correct, you can get paid at closing, you just can’t make payment contingent on the home closing.

Because you then have a financial interest in the sale.

how do you do financing for the buyers what is the prosses

answered my own qustion

You can offer financing. You can even offer to accept payment at closing. You just can’t waive your fee if there isn’t a closing.