Move in Certified Hurdles

I have a client I did a home inspection for. He bought the home and is now listing his home. I had him sold on MIC but when he talked it over with his wife, she put the kabosh on it stating “what if he finds something”" We can’t afford to put any more money into it".

I carefully explained the benefits and sent tons of info but no luck.

What do you guys do to help sell this important service???

By the way he is a VP of a bank…

His wife is right.

His choices are to fix or to disclose. If he is not inclined to do one or the other, a pre-listing inspection is not for him.

A pre-listing inspection will help them to better price thier home for sale.

A potential buyers inspection is going to find out what is wrong with the home. When the buyer asks for a reduced price due to findings in the inspection the seller could be caught off guard with out the MIC done ahead of time.

At least by using your services they may have a better chance of disclosing what was found in your report, and pricing the home accordingly for a hopefull as is sale.

I know Seller inspections are popular in pockets around the country. The San Francisco area is one of those places that is big on seller inspections. Most of the houses are older and have problems. As soon as the house is listed agents ask for the inspection prior to even showing the house. There is often a report left at the house with any repairs done. As long as the house is priced accordingly they usually sell pretty quickly. I went and did two down there for a relative of mine and the houses sold under a month. It saved the hassle of haggling. Faster it sells the less mortgage payments etc you have to make on it. Also people ask for approximately 3-4k off the asking price for every 1k in repairs the inspector finds. If you know exaclty what your buying your also more likely to make a full price offer.

thanx gentlemen but I have talked to him about all the benefits as mentioned above…

He is either hiding something…or just plain scared…

Most people I believe, think that the cosmetic repairs are what sell a home…sellers just don’t think infrastructure really sells the home.

Leave it to the next guy mentality.

Thank you