Finger joint 2X4

I have never seen finger joints in 2X4’s. These were used in the framing around the stairs. Any problems?? Sorry about the poor photo.


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This url has a close up photo.

Can only be used in compression and one kind is manufactured with fire rated adhesive joints so they can be used in a fire rated system. :slight_smile:

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FJ’s are excellent, I have been using them for along time… they are not designed for bracing, top plating and as previously stated compression only (vertical).

I went from having to replacing 10% of standard studs to less than 1 stud per 500 of the finger joint studs…I love them… as does my drywall hangers.


Buck, thay are used here in Texas by the Volume builders (Tract builders) and frowned upon by the custom builders and as a quality product by consumers, but it is a decent product with less bowing, twisting issues as previously mentioned in this post, especially for sheetrockers.

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Cannot be used horzintal or where they can get wet.:mrgreen: