Fire Door inspection narratives added to world's largest library of narratives.

I just recently bought the narratives and they were not in there yet. Is there any way that the new ones can be emailed to me?


A couple months back I got a call from Kenton and he indicated there would be some updates/ edits and if so, original purchasers would get the updated version. Not sure if that’s the case but it would be great to get the latest and greatest version.

Inspectors who have already bought the narrative disk, and who’s order forms included an e-mail address will get the update with the fire door inspection narratives.

The fire door inspections are a fantastic opportunity! Keep an eye on NACHI.TV for a course on how to perform them.

Sounds good Kenton. Thx!

I already updated my ComSop template to reflect the new changes. I will see if I can send it to HG so they can remove the key requirement so Nick can take a look at it.