InterNACHI narrative template and Inspectit


I am a student inspector and am in the process of doing my practice inspections and reports. I have the InterNACHI narratives with template and I have been reading about how it is utilized with other software and was curious if it could be used with Inspectit. I know with the software I can add the narratives in manually to the pre-loaded narrative list, but it would be quite time consuming. I did not know if there was an easier way. Thanks for any advice in advance. Have a great day.

How do you like Inspector?
I use HomeHubZone (the paid version that doesn’t solicite my clients)

I have never read the INACHI narratives.
How do you like those?

The preloaded narratives in HHZ are poor. I just sucked it up, grabbed my books & wrote my own. A few hours a day for a few weeks & I have around 800 narratives.

There is a Nachi narrative template for Homegauge. That’s the only one I’m familiar with. It’s great.

Home Inspector Pro + Nachi narratives is a good start for a new inspector.

Thanks guys,

I actually bought Inspectit when I finished the AHIT classroom training. They offered a deal available to students at the end of it which looking back was just a sales pitch for their products. They made us decide that day to get the discount. I did not know any better at that point. I should have done more research ahead of time but I was new to all of this. Hindsight is always 20/20. I then found InterNACHI while looking at ASHI, which they recommended, and have been blown away ever since. I knew I would need some help getting started with my reports which is why I bought the narratives from Inspector Outlet. I have been using/customizing them in my reports. I am so glad I did.

I noticed there was a drop down set for use with software and am familiar with the software it works with based on what I have read on here. I just didn’t know if there were any Inspecit users using them. Basically I have been pulling them up with microsoft word and looking at them while writing my report on my Ipad. I didn’t know if I could integrate them into the software as in the drop down list without manually adding every one. It looks like I can’t. I am willing to add them each manually, even though it will take awhile, to speed up the report writing process later. All a work in progress I guess. I also know that with experience, the report writing process will get easier. Thanks again, and Happy Easter.

Inspect it is ok I guess. I do not have experience with any other software to compare. It is very glitchy and slow, and I wanted to do several customizations from the start and was told I could not do any of them from tech support. It has a checklist style template which covers all of the bases, and will not let you proceed if not completed with the section you are in which is good for new inspectors like me. I also know things will speed up with experience. I am content with it for now, but see myself outgrowing it eventually.

Horizon is very Good

I use InspectIt and like it a lot. I just wish their website gave more support videos.

The InterNACHI Narrative Library is available in different formats. As digital, customized templates that download immediately into:

  • HomeGauge
  • Home Inspector Pro, or
  • Spectora,
    with digital templates under development for Spectacular, EZ Inspect, and WhisperReporter.

…they don’t affect the way any of these software programs work. With each, when the program is opened, the Library template appears as one more template choice that has a lot more narratives (7,500) than any other templates.

For Inspectors using software other than those mentioned above (including Inspect it), the Library is also available as a collection of Word documents, or as a searchable Excel spreadsheet. You can copy narratives from either version and paste them into any inspection software.

When you buy any version of the Library you also get a collection of about 40,000 words of inspection reference material (also written by Library author Kenton Shepard) in a collection of organized Word documents.