Fire Door Pictures Needed

Hi inspectors!

I am currently working on a fire door inspection article for InterNACHI and I am in need of some pictures of fire door inspections, labels, and components. If you have any pictures and would like to share them with me, please send them to and I will be sure to credit you in the caption. Thank you so much!

To be clear, are you looking for Residential, Commercial, or both applications?

Any pictures that you have would be great!

I’ll send you some when I get in the office Katie.

Thank you so much!

Jeff, only difference is the tag rating in minutes or hours.

Man! You really kill me with your so precise Sherlock Holmes dicutictions…:smiley:
Oh! Really! It needs a tag? Not!
Do you wake up this way every day or is just now and then? Huh?
Most tags are painted over…Now What?

Painted over means only that you can’t read the tag.
The least rated protection for a door is 20 minutes, so what does that tell you? It is at least a 20 minute rated door. Here is a standard 20 minute rated tag.

It gives you the Manufacturer, The supplier and the rating.

Have you ever thought there is a wood thickness for fire rated door.
And there is one for metal skin doors as well.
What if the tag was missing what would you do then?
Just askin’.

Emails sent Katie.

When was the last time you found one of these in a Residence?

Or one of these in a Commercial property?

Seeing that she is talking in fire doors in general, the difference is still the rated tag and how they dress. Commercial doors just dress differently than residential, but the only difference is there rating.
Like an LE or SLE on a car. One has more options. :slight_smile:

How about telling us what you would do, since you brought it up? :wink:

better have you chitz together & understand nfpa 80 & 101 before delving into any fire door ratings or inspection
grab some grub & beverages

Why such a hassle

You miss the point. The OP asked for photos without any specifics. I asked for clearification of what was wanted.
You stated the OP doesn’t know the difference as there is none, because basically they are simply a different rating.

Commercial attic door…