Fire door inspection NFPA 80

Does anyone have a sample report of a fire door inspection? I have my first one of about 30 doors and I am uncertain as to how the report should look. I am using HIP and Dominic has a template but I am unsure how to use it. He has the 13 main deficiencies as section tabs. Do I just put a location for the door and then under that deficiency tab just put “door 10” ? I posted on hip but have not gotten any replies. But I am not certain at all on how one should look. Thank you very much for any help.

Jason, this may help you. As a rule a true fire door will be constructed completely of metal. This meaning the door panel and the jamb assembly.
I do not have a special section in the report just for fire doors, I just note the door and defects in my garage section. It doesn’t need to be elaborate just a note weather the door is fire rated or not, self closing hinges functioning or not noted and has proper seals and gaps. There should also be a metal tag attached to the door that would list the fire rating.

DoorWindowAG.pdf (1.2 MB)

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Just FYI, interior commercial doors also have a fire rating and are often wood.

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Thanks Michael. The quick reference guide is helpful. Ok I think that you may have answered my question. I will just add a tab to my main report for fire doors and exclude the rest of the report from view when printing. I think I know what your saying. Thanks allot

:laughing: yes, I assumed the question was pertaining to Residential :man_facepalming:
I’ve done alot of commercial contracting and installed my fare share of commercial fire doors. They were always solid wood panel and heavy as hell.

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A friend of mine has a contract with public schools for installation and repair. Those things are a beast!

I don’t miss installing them at all :rofl:

This was an inspection at a church. Your right solid wood and heavy. They are required to have labels but unclear where they should get them , especially without being inspected by another company.