Fire rated door

Would you say this plywood door should be fire rated? The view is from the garage.

This “utility” room is under a stairway, with a 1/2 bath on other side in basement, with no outside air source.

Chris, is this door only a partition door? Are doors/walls/ceiling (including under the stairs) seperating the home from this area fire rated? If only a partition door, I think it’s okay.

No doors. There is drywall on the ceiling and opposite (living space) side of wall, nothing covering bottom of staircase.

So there is not 100% firewall between the garage and the living space, correct?

If so, I would report it that way, no firewall, instead of focusing on just the plywood door.

That make sense, or did I miss something?

The underside of the stairway (the entire “utility room”) needs to be a fire-rated assembly. The door doesn’t matter.

Makes sense. I was thinking if the door was fire rated it would make it 100%. It is clear what Jeff Pope said covering the underside of stairway.

There is another door at different wall that enters the living area.

Thanks a bunch Jeffrey and Jeffrey. :smiley:

I am guessing that the “door” did not exist in the first place due to the fact that natural gas burning appliances are located in a “closet”…

Is that “room / closet” considered an confined space? Minimum room volume 8’ height X 33’ Long X 25’ Width or 6600 ft cubed @ 132,000 BTU’s is considered limit for a unconfined space. More BTU’s or smaller room requires air from another source such as a vent to the outside of the house or vents to other rooms.

I also noticed that the propane cylinder is on the shelf (outside this closet)… That is really smart …in that area… :roll: Lets see… CO or explosion hazards…hmmmm

So factors with respect to appliance location and “hazards” are always fun…

Correct the “room” or door were not in original design, garage and unfinished basement at lower level. Which is now a finished basement.

I did note in report confined space and combustion air; also the location of return air in 1/2 bath :shock: which is adjacent to furnace closet.