Fire rated door..

What is the latest fire code or revision on the existing single family garage to living door. Realtor just busted me for suggesting to install a closer and a rated door. The house had an interior hollow core Masonite slab…

Rated door is required. Door closures are no longer required for the current cycle. I recommend them anyway. Once I explain them to my clients, they always respond with “Duh! That’s a no brainer”! Closure hinges range from $25 to $85. Cheap and simple enough to install. Good DIY project!

Fire rated doors are not required here. Best to check local codes.

A 20 min fire rated door is required. Here is the code and also a link to the complete code as well.

Just needs to be a SOLID wood door with no panels or a steel non-glazed door (no closer required). Should have weather stripping and a threshold for CO and energy code too.

2012 IRC

R302.5.1Openings between the garage and residence shall be equipped with solid wood doors not less than 1&3/8" inches in thickness, solid or honeycomb core steel doors not less than 1&3/8 inches thick, or 20-minute fire-rated doors.

As long as you have a minimum of a 1&3/8 inch thick door, a 20-minute fire rated door is not required as this reads. :slight_smile:

Or is the keyword there.

That code doesn’t say what you are implying that it says.

What code would that be?

Recomend fire rated door but do not quote codes. I would not include on summary page but would place in garage section.

I think your words are best. I would say the same thing again, just not in the summary/safety issues… This was in my report, no codes…

"Safety Issue: “Consider adding a fire rated door with a self closing hinges… Location: Garage to house door.”

Rated door with a self closing device…spring hinges, closer or similar for fire and carbon monoxide safety

Not true for free standing SFR.
See above for proper reg.