Fire Rated Garage entrance door

Ran into something new I haven’t seen before and that was the interior garage entrance door had a double pane temper d safety glass install that was 2’ wide x 3.5’ tall. Code says 1 3/8” thick solid or honeycombed or 20 minute fire rated door. Haven’t found anything that makes note of tempered glass in the door and. I thing in glass said it was fired rated. How would you make a note on that or would you. It was installed by the builder as the house is fairly new.

Thanks for your advice.

Somebody passed it. Try calling your local AHJ. They’re in the book and you may need them in the future.

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My $0.02. I am thinking that the glass, even if it was tempered, would break due to high heat before the flames even reached the door. In that respect, the door would fail in its intended purpose. If you cannot establish that the door is 20-minute fire rated, specifically including the glass insert (you might need to verify with the manufacturer of the door), then you might have to call it out as non-fire rated.

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Thank you for the advice

Here is more info on fire rated glass doors. Fire-rated glass doors - what are the choices? |

Did the glass have either of these labels?

Sample pyrostop


No. The only label we found as a tempered glass label. The door was an exact match to the back door.

The door is not fire rated and that tempered or safety glass don’t meet fire rating standards for fire doors.
Maximum glass size in any fire rated doors is limited to 100 sq. inches.


Thank you for your help

What Marcel said. I see these all the time, especially in rural areas, with no code enforcement. The door is just a typical entrance door, often installed at the rear of home/ kitchen.