Fire safety

I just inspected a home built in 1977. It has a wood burning fireplace insert that extends to the edge of the hearth. There is no (non combustible) surface in front of this . The door opens outward and downward above carpet, Spooky… Was I correct in suggesting 18" non combustible surface and a carbon monoxide detector 15’ from the fireplace? Currently the only smoke detector is down the hall 25 feet away and around the corner.

Co is ok but I don’t include a measurement just ask them to find a WETT specialist.

I tend to not give measurement in case I am wrong .
.Just report the installation is not correct and needs to be checked by a wett person .
Needs to upgrade the smoke and C/O detectors Immediately

So, what you are saying is that you are concerned with the smoke/CO detectors placement, and not about the lack of a hearth in front of the wood burning fireplace (insert)? WOW!

The detectors are SECONDARY to resolving the hearth issue. The hearth needs correction to industry standards before any use of the fireplace!