Fire suppression water pressure

Water was turned of above fire suppression system. Gauge reading 45 lbs, usually don’t see them this low. Any thoughts?

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  4. NFPA 13

     NFPA 13:        Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems 

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FYI… Gauge is actually reading 26 psi.

I could be wrong but any thoughts?

Write it up as. Sign says W/P not holding tells me there could be a leak .

Needs to be service by a qualified service person .

Move on .

Are you inspecting the Fire Sprinklers?

I note their presence and say I do not inspect them.

Here the Fire Dept will inspect them for free.

No not inspection it, just noticed the pressure. I think the writing on the 2x4 was when the home was being built, they also wrote on a 2x4 where the main water shutoff was with an arrow.

Looks like 26psi to me.

OK, a couple of things.

  1. Did you check the potable water pressure? Was it ok?
  2. Note the presence of fire sprinklers.
  3. Here is a portion of my sprinkler comment

Client is advised the installation and in some areas, testing of fire sprinklers and suppressions systems is licensed by the state of CA and outside the scope of this home inspection.

Client should consult the seller fro details on the system and become familiar with any maintenance program that may be in place.

Possible Insurance Discounts
The presence of fire sprinklers in the dwelling may make you eligible for discounts in your home owners insurance. Consult your home insurance agent for details.

Many residential fire sprinkler heads operate on as little as 7 psi. The installed system should have been designed to operate on the available water pressure at the time of installation. I would simply note the presence of a fire sprinkler system and defer all testing to a licensed contractor.

Inspection of fire suppression systems extend beyond the scope of the Home Inspection and the NACHI Standards of Practice. If trained for such an inspection, offer the value added service for an additional fee.
My standard comment below…

**Fire Suppression

  • Present but not inspected or evaluated.

General Notes:

  • Fire suppression systems generally require annual inspection of the system and backflow preventer by the municipal water utility. Recommend service at this time if annual service has not been performed.**

Could be several reasons?

Might be as simple as the gauge not correctly working? Think NFPA gauges should be replace every 5 years, might be 3 would have to look up.

Also why was the water shut off above the gauge, as I believe you indicated? So the system is currently off line? That’s probably a bigger issue than the current water pressure…