Fireplace Chimney

This is a picture of a metal fire place chimney. There was a cut ceiling joist and also a hole corroded through the pipe. The fireplace is currently set up with a gas log set. I dont know to much about the actual construction of the flue pipe for a fireplace like this. Is it sectional like a B-Vent? There are seams but do the seperate so that just the top portion of can be changed?


If it’s the type of pipe normally installed on prefabricated metal fireplaces, then yes, this type of pipe does come apart in sections. It should come apart at the seam just below the big rust spot that you’re showing in the picture. Don’t know what the rest of the chimney looks like, but it might be prudent to recommend the the whole system be evaluated by a Qualified Chimney/Fireplace Technician.

I assume that you commented on the cut joist or rafter? Also, how close were combustables to the chimney?